Sometimes you don't realize how dependent you are on something until it is gone. That is often the story when people's computers are taken over by a virus and they lose everything from pictures of their children to their organized portfolio that tracks their savings account and other financial records. Getting a virus can be a nightmare and it can even mean the loss of significant revenue if it happens on business computers. So, you should make sure you protect yourself before something like this happens. There are lots of great virus protection software out there.

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While there are many programs available that you can download for free, if you're running a series of computers for a company or you want to secure your financial information, you want to be as sure as possible that your home files are safe then you're going to want to pay for this software. Programs like Webroot, Norton, and Bitdefender have all been given great reviews in the past and can be adapted for business, personal and professional systems. If you're selling condos as a real estate agent and working off of the same computer that your kids use to check their email then you will want something that is meant for more general protection rather than something that is specialized.

If you're a starving student or you're running an art sale on a tight budget and don't have the funds to pay for an antivirus program, then there are software packages out there that are free and will protect your system from most threats. Just make sure you're getting one that comes well recommended by reputable sites. You don't want to go to download something that is meant to protect your computer and then find out that it is really a virus in disguise. There are many viruses out there that are masked as antivirus software.

Get virus software that updates often and is catered to your operating system. There are new viruses being released by hackers all the time and some are meant for Macs while others are targeting PCs. If you have one system at your office and another at home then you should make sure that you're purchasing a program that will work with both. You might find that you want to pay for the software that you are using at the office but are willing to go with something free and less secure at home. Even if you have the best software program out there, you should make sure you're also backing up all of the important files and information on your computer. This will protect you from computer theft as well as a virus.

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