New Torontonians often arrive in the big city expecting it to be easy for them to find a job. However, with no contacts or job experience in the city, it can be quite difficult for some people. For those who've already bought real estate, the mortgage payments can quickly drain your finances if you don't find a job in the first few weeks or months, to the point where you might even lose your house. Don't let this happen to you. Turn to employment services at the first sign of trouble. We list some for you here. Sponsoring partnership provided by - dealership marketing

Online Job Help

Websites like and Workopolis contain thousands of job listings for major cities like Toronto. If you have a professional career, you'll find that posting your resume or searching through the job listings on such website can land you that coveted job you have always wanted. And what's more, these sites also have resume and cover letter samples to help you prepare your application package, as well as tips and practice scripts for learning how to ace the interviews. Most sites of this type don't charge the employee who is seeking work.

Paid Services

For those who have serious careers, are seeking high level positions that are often not advertised through public channels, or need serious professional resume writing services to pitch them to employers, may want to invest in a paid service. These services act as middle men, matching employers with people who are seeking work. There are hundreds of firms, from high level executive recruiters to nanny placement agencies. Do your homework on them before you hand over money to make sure they're the right fit for your skills.

Public Services

It is in the best interests of the City of Toronto for you to stay and continue to pay taxes and spend money in Toronto, so if you're having trouble finding a job the city can help you. Their employment and social services department has an online presence. Or you can drop in to one of the 15 employment resources centers scattered throughout the city. The staff there can help you find job listings appropriate to your skill, write your resume, apply for the job, and locate grants that might help you retrain for a different career.

For Youth

Young people who need a job to help the family or support themselves in college can often easily secure employment products and whatnot simply by keeping an eye out for Help Wanted signs in shop windows. However, those having trouble can get a helping hand from Youth Employment Ontario at

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