How did people ever write novels or screenplays before the invention of spell check? It may seem like a laughable question to any established playwright or novelist but it nevertheless is still an honest question. (Learn more about becoming a playwright here). Try to remember the last time you had to type up something on your computer, be it an e-mail, chapter for a book you've been working on for months, or perhaps newsletter, and count how many times the squiggly red line appeared underneath some of the words you typed up indicating a spelling error?

If you're too embarrassed to blurt out the answer in fear of somebody overhearing you don't worry, as they're probably in the same boat as you. Unless you consider yourself a scholar of the highest degree and have mastered every aspect of the English language you've probably made a spelling or grammar mistake or two in your lifetime, even if you don't want to own up to it.

Luckily, with the invention of the computer we were introduced to a little invention known as spell check! Spell check is everywhere now. When we use our computer to do a search for something unique like laces for example, it's there to aid us. When we write an email on our smartphones it's there. When we write a screenplay on our tablets it's there. You can't have a digital word processing application of any kind and not have spell check on it.

Sure, you have the option of not using spell check if you so dare but that would be a foolish option to choose. Why would you want to risk typing up raffle instructions incorrectly and then sending it to your fellow co-workers riddled with spelling errors? That doesn't seem like a wise career move and one that hopefully most people avoid. Spell check was created to help us write quicker and ensure that the final product we type up is handed in to the best possible of our abilities, be it a letter of recommendation for a past student, or a blog post about fantasy football waiver wire pick-ups.

What might very well be the best thing about spell check is that we don't have to go out of our way to use it. It's just there in our word processing documents or email ready for us to use whenever we have to type something up. It's a nice feeling knowing that if you misspell something, you'll automatically be alerted to your mistake and can correct it immediately.

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